Haarlem Shuffle

About Us

The people who maintain and contribute to this site are long term expats who have lived continuously in Haarlem for many years. This experience is reflected in our pages which have been praised for their accuracy and authenticity by both expats and Dutch visitors alike. This has been recognised by Haarlem City Council who recommend our City Guides to their English language visitors. The site has also been featured and received positive reviews in the three main local newspapers.

The site started in 2002 to provide information for expats in Haarlem and gradually expanded to include more general information useful to tourists and travellers. For information on the Netherlands in general, please see our sister site, NL Planet.

Haarlem Shuffle is run on a non-profit basis by enthusiastic volunteers who do everything themselves, including web software development, graphic design and photography as well as researching and writing the articles.

We hope this autonomous approach, along with a willingness to constantly revise and improve the content, sets Haarlem Shuffle apart from other similar sites.

Input from our vistors is always welcome. If you have ideas for new pages or would like to try researching or writing an article for one of our sections please get in touch. We are also in need of original photos and illustrations of typical Haarlem subjects.

Sponsors and advertisers are also more than welcome to get in touch via our site contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!